About SCR Interiors - Meet Susan C. Rolley

Susan C Rolley, SCR Interiors

“As an Interior Designer, what I love most about my job is helping people create homes that inspire and transform how they live.” - Susan C. Rolley

SCR Interiors is ready to welcome you to the gorgeous home you have always envisioned.

Livable and layered

Susan’s speciality is designing a space where you will feel happiest and at peace, one that is both practical and uniquely beautiful, and tells the story of who you are. Susan is known for creating classic, tailored and timeless interiors with livable and layered details.

Uniquely Beautiful Spaces

As an experienced interior designer, Susan leads her clients through the design process, effortlessly mixing subtle color, materials and textures, incorporating the meaningful details of your life, all with beautiful results. Not only will you have a home that you’ll love and enjoy, you’ll have fun working with us!

On time and on budget

Our structured process means we address the details in advance, streamlining each phase of the project with our step by step method to ensure your design is delivered on time and on budget. You are able to enjoy how it all comes together, making it a more joyful and less stressful experience. Above all else, Susan is an advocate for her clients, most of whom become repeat customers and often times great friends.